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Bath & Body Works is Targeting Young Women with Their Toxic Product

Ask Bath & Body Works to discontinue the use of toxic chemicals in their products

Sometimes I don't wash my hands with soap and water. I just can't bring myself to use a product that causes all sorts of health problems and will exist in our environment forever. What ingredient is so repulsive that I'm willing to walk to find dish soap in the kitchen to use or just forgo the soap all together? Triclosan.

I wonder what it is about Bath & Body Works' "antibacterial" soap that people are so drawn to. It comes in gift baskets and as prizes at baby showers and bachelorette parties, and it's in my friends' bathrooms. While it may come in sweet or fruity scents like "sugar lemon fizz" or "tangelo orange twist" to get the attention of young girls and women, their antibacterial soap contains a toxic chemical called triclosan. I can't help but wonder if the audience that Bath & Body Works targets even knows what triclosan is, and whether the company even cares.

Can you ask Bath & Body Works to discontinue the use of triclosan in their products?

Triclosan poses serious environmental health hazards by disrupting hormones, even lowering sperm counts in animals. After it is washed down the drain, it pollutes our waterways and can transform into dioxins, a class of chemicals some consider to be the most toxic. Bath & Body Works heavily markets their products containing triclosan to girls and young women, leading them to believe that they need antibacterial soaps. But the truth is, antibacterial soaps are no more effective than regular soap and water. In fact, using antibacterial soaps may be worse, even leading to antibiotic resistant bacteria.

We need to ask Bath & Body Works to stop using triclosan. Other major companies, like Colgate Palmolive, have agreed to eliminate triclosan from some of their products. Why can't Bath & Body Works stop using triclosan too?

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Meredith Begin
Education & Outreach Organizer
Food & Water Watch