Curry County Suicide Awareness and Prevention Council

February 5, 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Alisha Wibking-Krohn
Juvenile programming


Beth Barker-Hidalgo
Substance abuse/recovery


Connie Hunter
Veteran services


Glenda Groff
Elder services


Gordon Clay
Lay member - Chair


Issabella Vermaak
Youth ambassador


Katrina Upton
Tribal community


Katlyn Temple
Lay member


Kelly Schellong


Maia Mello
Law enforcement


Michelle Hanna
Medical health


Nancy Torney
First responder


Pat Piper
Lay member - Vice-Chair


Teresa Costa
Mental health - Secretary


Tim Wilson
Youth educator

City Government

Faith Based


Court Boice
BOC Liaison



Call to Order 5:08 p.m. by Commissioner Boice


Introduction of members and why they wanted to join the Council. Meeting being videoed by - see first 20 minutes here.


Determine the method of meetings would be Robert's Rules of Order. Unanimous

4.0 Terms

Each Council member term a number from 1 to 4 which told them how long their first term is, from 1 to 4 years. Then four-year terms after than. Terms can be found here.

5.0 Election

Offers were elected: Gordon Clay, Chair; Pat Piper, Vice-Chair; and Teresa Costa Secretary. each for one year


No Public Comment


Reviewed latest 2018 data on suicide in the: U.S. 48,344; Oregon 844; and Curry County 5, the lowest since 2011. Assisted suicide included as a separate statistic. Discussion of concern for younger population and tribal up. Discussion about how to get data/demographics and from whom. Homeless encounter more stressors such as not being eligible for DMEs to no physical address. Discussion of mobile crisis team response started by CCH in 2017. Found that many people cannot meet their basic needs. Law enforcement is key to get involved. Members asked to receive Crisis Intervention Team training. PFA offered by Dr. Costa - CCH also does a Mental Health First Aid and Tribal training are also available. Let's look at the "culture" in our community that allows/encourages suicide.


Gordon suggested that we run our decisions processes on the Consensus Model. No objections


All members of the Council were present: 1 from North County, 4 from Central County and 11 from South County. It was decided that we would continue meeting on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.. It was further decided because of the make-up of the group, that future meetings would be as follows:
Odd months: Curry Public Library, 94341 3rd St, Gold Beach
3/4, 5/6, 7/1, 9/2, 11/4, 1/6/21
Even Months: Chetco Community Public Library, 405 Alder St, Brookings
4/1,6/3, 8/5, 10/7, 12/2


It was decided that we didn't need to develop by-laws at this time.


In order to cover as many under represented sectors as possible within each Stakeholder Group, it was recommend that Task Groups be established. The purpose of the Group is to spread the gathering, analysis, and recommended solutions over a wider, more encompassing group. The Task Group will recommend goals - Long and Short Term and Hanging Fruit for the Council and for the Task Group. The Group will also conduct a needs assessment, gathering information, noting challenges and unmet needs, develop strategies to meet those needs and recommended actions to take. All information received by March 3rd will be loaded up on the Council's web site prior to the meeting at:


Let's Talk Lived Experience. This project actually started at the February 5th BOC meeting and, we hope, will happen at the 1st BOC meeting each month where someone known in the community will do up to 3 minute share of their lived experience with suicide and what helped them through. It is one way to start Breaking the Silence around talking about suicide and make it more of a common occurrence. This information will be shared with local media and in some cases, the County,, the incorporated cities in Curry County and the Curry County school boards will be asked to approve a proclamation.

Note: Not reported, the morning BOC meeting before our Council meeting will see a continuation of the effort is to make the community aware of the high rate of Self-Harm our students are suffering. And, while not an immediate threat of suicide, prolonged usage has a very high rate of suicidal attempts.


Asked to present your vitae for distribution for new members. If you didn't bring today, bring it next time. And everyone is asked to bring two more vitaes to the next meeting to put in the packet for the two new members we are searching for.


Gordon asked that at the end of each meeting "next steps" are determined - what are you committed to do by the next meeting. Do you need assistance from any particular stakeholders? Kelly asked members to contribute info/questions/concerns regarding media failures and wins. Beware that not everyone will have the same bit of passion or time to commit.


The next meeting will be March 4th, at 5:30 p.m. in the main room at the Curry Public Library in Gold Beach


Meeting was called to an end at 7:11 p.m.

Note: Topics in BOLD can be found on the Council's web site at if they don't activate from your eMail.
Submitted: Teresa Costa, 2/22/20