Curry County Suicide Awareness and Prevention Council

April 1, 2020 Meeting Minutes


Alisha Wibking-Krohn
Juvenile programming


Beth Barker-Hidalgo
Substance abuse/recovery


Connie Hunter
Veteran services

Glenda Groff
Elder services


Gordon Clay
Lay member - Chair

Issabella Vermaak
Youth ambassador


Katrina Upton
Tribal community


Katlyn Temple
Lay member


Kelly Schellong


Maia Mello
Law enforcement


Michelle Hanna
Medical health


Nancy Torney
First responder


Pat Piper
Lay member - Vice-Chair


Teresa Costa
Mental health - Secretary


Tim Wilson
Youth educator

City Government

Faith Based


Court Boice
BOC Liason


Britt Ivy Boice
Substance abuse/Recovery

Dr. Frank von Bannisseht
Mental Health

Randy Ullom
First Responder

Samantha Birk
Mental Health, Media

Tara Modugno
First Responder


William Wasson
Veteran services /Mental Health



Call to Order Via GoToMeetings


Pledge of Allegiance. Not accomplished, No virtual flag available



3.0 a

Introductions: Roll Call was completed and confirmed that a quorum has been met. Kelly asked if we needed 72 hours to post any changes to the Agenda. Gordon explained that time sensitive items and changes can be made with the majority of the Council approving. This was confirmed by BOC Liason Court Boice. .


Approval of Agenda Quorum established after Roll Call was conducted again and using the attendance by those that signed into the virtual meeting. Agenda changes Approved


Approval of Minutes. Approved


Citizens Input: Mr. Wasson from county Veteran Services offered to help with several planned events in the future and share his experience with other counties that also did similar events.


Old Business

7.0 a 1

Let's Talk- May is Mental Health Month. Gordon would like a plan developed before May. Tim Wilson offered to prepare something for students. Gordon will gather all the media sources we have access to and work with Tim to get the message out. Michelle suggested that the message include information about locking up guns. Connie Hunter volunteers to help with what ever actions the council decides to plan. Connie suggested that there is language about this used by VA and she would get that language to the Council. Connie also asked if we could use various social media platforms to reach young people. We could all post the message on platforms we have available from Council members willing to post particular PSA/subjects.on their Facbook page, and especially through our professions. This could be used for our PSA as well. Approved.

7.0 a 2)

Gordon asked for someone either in the general public or a council member to speak about their experience with suicide at the April 15th BOC meeting. Connie Hunter said she would be honored to speak at the BOC about her personal experience. Approved

7.0 b

Finalize Council Vision, Mission, Core Values, Purpose, and Role. Michelle had previously asked about adding language to be inclusive of all marginalized groups, especially LGBTQ+. Beth suggested the term "Gender Spectrum Positive" as new terminology being used. Clarification and discussion ensued regarding various vocabulary and groups needing to be recognized. Council vision, mission, core value, purpose and role including the line "gender spectrum positive" was Approved

7.0 c

Rank and establish Council Goals and Priorities. Teresa suggested that this was a big undertaking to try and accomplish in a virtual meeting. Could a working group be established? Discussion ensued regarding content and structure. It was suggested to use the SMART goal format. Gordon clarified that goals were often incorporated from national and local resources. Gordon was also concerned about timeliness and getting these out to the public. There is some concern about getting information, especially to the homeless, given the extra stress of COVID-19. What goals can we do now and later? It was suggested that we table most of the goals as a working draft but do emergent goals related to the COVID-19 concerns. Email was discussed as a means to work on these as a group. It was then suggested that the Council be given 2-3 weeks to work through email. Then Council goals can be voted on at next Council meeting. Nancy Torney spoke about the crisis needs and they are offering telehealth and having increased crisis meetings. CCH is actively exploring how crisis teams can assist the public during the virus crisis. The Oregon Health Authority has authorized increased use of telehealth including telephone access absent the video option. It was suggested that the Council work via email to address short term and low hanging fruit. Look at your Task Group's goals in reviewing the Council goals to insure your Task Group's unmet needs are being addressed. Approved

7.0 c 3) a)

What the Council can do NOW to address the suicidal reaction by at-risk Curry County citizens to the loss of jobs, closed schools, and potential infection from COVID-19

7.0 c 3) a) 1)

Gordon shared that there is funding available to train Council members. 90 minutes to 2 hours, online through LivingWorks. Michelle suggested to have a de-brief of the Council attendees. Approved

7.0 c 3) a) 2)

Inquire ways to fund citizens to take on-line training in QPR ($30) and possible Mental Aid First Aid, ASIST, Start, etc Approved

7.0 c 3) a) 3)

Inquire about ways to fund educators to take on-line training in QPR, Student Mental Health First Aid, ASIST, Kognito, Response Approved

7.0 c 3) a) 4)

Determine the opportunity for grants to develop Council programs, materials and implementation. Hold

7.0 c 3) a) 5)

Discussion about getting printed materials out to the community such as flyers that can be posted or supplied to media. Kelly offered to put together a distribution list. There was reference to the upcoming planned Stand Down and flyers for that, but it has been put on hold due to COVID-19. It was also suggested that flyers be placed on public transportation. Kelly suggested any other ideas for places to distribute to contact her. Approved

7.0 c 3) a) 5) 1

Develop location list for placement of (1) general flyers, (2)  homeless flyers, (3) Other Approved Follow-up

7.0 c 3) a) 6)

When in-school classes reopen, inquire ways to fund student youth populations in Signs of Suicide and Sources of Strength Hold

7.0 c 3) b)

Develop behavioral health Community resiliency strategies Hold

7.0 c 3) b) 1

Develop localized “toolkits” and referral tools? Hold

7.0 c 3) c)

Ask specific communities (Elders, gender spectrum positive, tribal, youth, veterans, etc.) to develop a list of at-risk situations for their community. Hold

7.0 c 3) c) 1

Develop questionnaires for each specific community (Elders, gender spectrum positive, tribal, youth, veterans, etc.) on what they think will work to reduce risk factors Hold

7.0 c 3) d)

Open letter to clinicians (see website or link on agenda). http's:// Approved

7.0 d

Rank and Establish Each Stakeholder's Goal Priorities (As determined by the Stakeholder Task Group) Report when ready. Hold

7.0 d a

Stakeholders determine what goals they have in common with other stakeholders and those goals should be moved up on their individual lists Hold

7.0 d 1)

Long Term (2021+) Hold

7.0 d 2)

Short Term (2020) Hold

7.0 d 3)

Low-Hanging Fruit (now) Hold


New Business

8.0 a

Gordon to submit an application on behalf of the Council to participate in the Veteran Stand Down June 16, 2020 from 10a-2p representing the Council. Other Council members are invited to join him for all or part of the day. Approved

8 0 a 1)

Consider development of a survey to be given out at the Veteran's Stand Down, and any other events the council may secure a table such as the Health Fairs, Azalea Festival, Curry County Fair etc. Approved.

8 0 a 2)

Gordon would like a Council logo developed by a volunteer, if possible. Tim's wife has experience with this and she was volunteered by Tim. Approved.

8 0 a 3)

Asking for a volunteer to run various social media sites to distribute Council messages and campaigns. Katrina Upton volunteered, Connie Hunter is available to help, especially Facebook. The action and volunteers Approved.

Good of the order. CCH shared that 2 new members of the crisis team were hired and started this week. Crisis Text Line has determined froom reviewing over 75,000,000 texts at 741741 that as soon as trust is established, which is usually witiin the first 6to 8 texts, the ask directly "Are you thinking of killing yourse.f" Their research shows that not only do calls not drop, they immediately go deeper.

11.0 a

May 6, 2020, 5:30 Sharp. Location depends of Covid-19 restrictions. Options: Small Meeting Room, Curry Public Library, 94341 3rd St, Gold Beach, OR or Video conferencing similar to the April 1 meeting

12 0

12. Adjourn Meeting was called to an end at 7:34 pm

Teresa Costa, April 15, 2020