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A Christian Nationalist Blitz
Report and Analysis on Religious Freedom Measures Impacting Prayer and Faith in America (2017 Version) 116 page PDF
Religious Liberties: It’s Not Biblical
Totally Gay Happy Meals

Editor's note: This is an article about the new breed of "Onward Christian Soldiers" trampling on
human rights and dignity wherever they go. It's just a bunch of radical religious fanatics who have exchanged their white hoods for white cowboy hats.

A Christian Nationalist Blitz

America’s Christian nationalists have a new plan for advancing their legislative goals in state capitols across the country. Its stated aim is to promote “religious freedom.” Not shy, they call it “Project Blitz.”

“Blitz” accurately describes the spirit of the enterprise, but the mission has little to do with what most Americans would call religious freedom. This is just the latest attempt by religious extremists to use the coercive powers of government to secure a privileged position in society for their version of Christianity.

The idea behind Project Blitz is to overwhelm state legislatures with bills based on centrally manufactured legislation. “It’s kind of like whack-a-mole for the other side; it’ll drive ‘em crazy that they’ll have to divide their resources out in opposing this,” David Barton, the Christian nationalist historian and one of four members of Project Blitz’s “steering team,” said in a conference call with state legislators from around the country that was later made public.

According to research provided by Americans United for Separation of Church and State, more than 70 bills before state legislatures appear to be based on Project Blitz templates or have similar objectives. Some of the bills are progressing rapidly. An Oklahoma measure, which has passed the legislature and is awaiting the governor’s signature, allows adoption and foster care agencies to discriminate on the basis of their own religious beliefs. Others, such as a Minnesota bill that would allow public schools to post “In God We Trust” signs on their walls, have provoked hostile debates in local and national media, which is in many cases the point of the exercise.

“ ‘Project Blitz’ Seeks to Do for Christian Nationalism What ALEC Does for Big Business,” reads the headline of a recent piece Frederick Clarkson wrote for Religion Dispatches that highlighted the danger. ALEC, of course, is the corporate lobbying group that crafts and promotes model legislation advancing business interests.

In their guidebook for state legislators and other allies, the authors of the Project Blitz program have grouped their model legislation into three categories, according to anticipated difficulty of passage. The first category consists of symbolic gestures, like resolutions to emblazon the motto “In God We Trust” on as many moving objects as possible (like, say, police cars).

Critics of such symbolic gestures often argue that they act as gateways to more extensive forms of state involvement in religion. It turns out that the Christian right agrees with them.

“They’re going to be things that people yell at, but they will help move the ball down the court,” Mr. Barton said in the conference call.

The second, more difficult category for Project Blitz consists of bills intended to promote the teaching and celebration of Christianity in public schools and elsewhere. These bills are a means of spreading the message that Christian conservatives are the real Americans, and everybody else is here by invitation only.

The sponsors of Project Blitz have pinned their deepest hopes on the third and most contentious category of model legislation. The dream here is something that participants in the conference call referred to in awed tones as “the Mississippi missile.” The “missile” in question is Mississippi’s HB 1523, a 2016 law that allows private businesses and government employees to discriminate, against L.G.B.T. people for example, provided that they do so in accordance with “sincerely held religious beliefs.” The bill offers extraordinary protections, not to all religious beliefs per se, but to a very narrow set of beliefs associated mostly with conservative religion. If you hold a different set of religious beliefs, like, say, a commitment to gender and L.G.B.T. equality, there is no liberty in this bill for you.

In another piece of model legislation, the blitzers’ goal is to get state legislatures to resolve that, notwithstanding the Supreme Court’s recent decision on same-sex marriage, “This state supports and encourages marriage between one man and one woman and the desirability that intimate sexual relations only take place between such couples.” We have known for a long time that Christian nationalists seek to control what goes on in other people’s bedrooms. The striking thing about this model bill is the cruelty with which it advances the argument. The bill claims that people in same-sex relationships have a “higher instance of serious disease.”

It would be touching to think that the sponsors of Project Blitz have at last turned their attention to health care, but, no — their concern here, according to the guidebook, is that all of this gay sex is costing taxpayers lots of money — “estimated to be in the billions of dollars annually,” according to the bill template.

If you examine the roster of people and organizations behind Project Blitz, it becomes clear that demeaning whole groups of people in society is really just a means to an end. The aim is political power. In their language, it’s sometimes called “dominion” — meaning, specifically, the domination by those with the correct “biblical” worldview over all aspects of politics, culture and society.

David Barton is the founder of WallBuilders, an organization that promotes the view that America is a nation of, by and for Christians of a very specific variety. Buddy Pilgrim, another member of the Project Blitz steering team, is a businessman who founded Integrity Leadership, a ministry focused on “equipping Christians with biblical principles for the workplace.” According to Mr. Pilgrim’s website, “Dominion in earthly realms of authority (business & politics) is a biblical mandate.”

A third steering team member is Bill Dallas, a convicted embezzler who later founded United in Purpose, a data-collection operation that aims, among other things, to increase turnout of conservative evangelical voters in local, state and national elections. “We have about 200 million files, so we have pretty much the whole voting population in our database,” Mr. Dallas said in a Sept. 5, 2016, interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network. “What we do is track to see what’s going to make somebody either vote one way, or not vote at all.” In October 2016, Mr. Dallas offered a neat summary of his political philosophy, one built on an idea by Abraham Kuyper, “There is not a place in the universe where Christ does not shout out, ‘Mine!’ ”

One of the most remarkable features about Project Blitz has to do with the mood of its organizers. This is a very upbeat crowd. “We have this window of opportunity now; I think we’re all feeling it,” said Lea Carawan on the conference call. Ms. Carawan is a co-founder and the executive director of the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, which supports Project Blitz, and she is the fourth member of Project Blitz’s steering team. “We believe this is just the beginning,” she said.

There is a story going around, on both the left and the right, that America’s “true believers” are a declining force and are now conducting desperate, defensive maneuvers in a secularizing society. But that is not how the leaders of the Christian Nationalist movement see it — because it is not true. They played a key role in putting President Trump in power. They are protecting him now, as they giddily collect their winnings in legislatures and in the courts. Why should they doubt that they can pull off the same trick again?

What Christian nationalists know — and many of us have yet to learn — is that you don’t need a majority to hijack a modern democracy. You just need a sizable minority, marinating in its grievances, willing to act as a bloc, and impervious to correction by fact or argument. Make this group feel good about itself by making other people feel bad about themselves, and dominion may well be in reach.

As with most of what Christian nationalists do these days, Project Blitz and its form of religious freedom is as bad for religion as it is for freedom. Religion, as most Americans understand it, has something to do with care of the soul — not ramming bills through gerrymandered legislatures. And faith has something to do with showing love for other people, not writing contempt for them into the law.

Religious Liberties: It’s Not Biblical

A clerk in Kentucky, a baker in Colorado… discriminating against LGBTQ in the name of ‘religious liberty.” I am not going to let you get away with it anymore.

These stories are trending and, as one of our readers said, “I’m sure we are going to start seeing the wave of persecution-whining on Facebook,” from those who claim to be losing their religious liberties, who claim to be persecuted because of their religion.

Meanwhile, in their ongoing pursuit of “religious freedom,” these people step over LGBTQ youth literally stranded on the street, they turn a blind eye to the horrible injustice all around them, in order to maintain their ideal of pretending they are fighting sin.

If that image doesn’t turn your stomach, it’s time to go back to your knees in prayer.

Like the whites who ignored the lynchings of blacks in the 60s, like the Germans who ignored the acrid stench from the crematoriums, to maintain this pretense of “religious freedom” is horrifying blindness and hypocrisy. You could really not get any more selfish than that.

You who maintain that fiction for yourselves do so at your own peril. You will be washed away in the changing tide.

Enough is enough.

I wrote about this in March, but I wanted to share it with you again today.

Accepting LGBTQ people does not limit anyone’s religious liberties. But to marginalize and discriminate and shut them out limits THEIR religious liberties.

So Christians, tell me again why you need protection for your religious liberties? For the life of me I can’t get it. You live in a country with more religious liberty than any other in recorded history. No one is burning you at the stake, putting you in concentration camps, shooting you on sight. Please, tell me exactly what liberties you believe are being encroached?

I’ve looked at the requirements of Christianity. I’ve read the words of Jesus, and I cannot find anywhere that he asks his followers to NOT serve your neighbor, NOT be kind to your neighbor, NOT to love your neighbor… (and he said everyone is your neighbor). I’ve searched and searched but it is not in there.

I’ve read the words of Jesus, and I cannot find anywhere that he asks his followers TO judge their neighbor, TO condemn their neighbor, TO reject their neighbor. In fact, he said the opposite.

I’ve read the words of Jesus, and I cannot find anywhere that he asks his followers to change laws so you can legally discriminate those you think are in sin.

This is not rhetorical. I am asking you. I’ve been asking you – in posts, in comments: where does Jesus ask you to do anything other than embrace, in love?

Because I must tell you, you are breaking a lot of direct commands by driving people over the edge, laying on them heavy burdens you do not lay a finger to help lift, making them follow traditions of men, not the love of God.

Please, help me out here. Do not collapse paradigms. Don’t throw random stuff in here. I’m asking you where Jesus, the one you claim as your Savior, the Christ whose name you claim: where does he tell you to pass laws to protect your ability to exclude those you consider sinners.

Note: Especially to those who want laws to protect their religious liberties (i.e. to exclude “sinners”), remember this:

Remember Simon the Pharisee was highly offended at the “sinful woman” who washed Jesus’ feet – Simon wanted Jesus to throw her out. Instead, Jesus corrected Simon!

Simon was just like you, a religious man who believed he was fully justified to exclude this “sinner.” Yet, Jesus corrected him, instead.

So please, tell me. Help me get this straight.

Because honestly, I know Jesus never said anything like this. God does not justify your “religious laws” in any way. In fact, he would correct you instead.

Unless you can prove otherwise, then you are just reflecting your own preferences. It’s time to admit it, because if you are proceeding on your own power, not Jesus’, then don’t call it religious liberty. You’re just fighting for your right to discriminate.

You don’t have to like LGBTQ people. You don’t have to like black people, or women, or other races, or children, or bank tellers, or libertarians – or anyone you don’t want to like. Usually when people dislike groups of people, it’s because of fear or self-centeredness. They’d like to pull God into it, and because that sounds so much nobler than, well, personal preference.

But you don’t get to do that.

I’m calling BS on this being about religious liberty. Really, it’s just personal preference.

And we as a civilized society are not going to let you get away with it.

Totally Gay Happy Meals

It is the end of the nutball Christian right. Here is your proof. To go

Hey, remember the angry evangelicals? The quivering clan of militant Christoholics who propelled Bush into office and seized the national narrative for a few terrifying moments about five years back, ran deep into the woods with it and rubbed it all over their naughty bits in a frenzy of fear and confusion and lust for all things homophobic and saccharine and spiritually denigrating?

Dying. Nearly dead. Gasping their last. Very soon to be a footnote, a caricature, a gag, a punch line, blasted to the dustbin of history like dried housefly limbs after a sneeze. You should know this now.

Yes, you are right; they already were a caricature, a cultural pothole, a nasty rash in the armpit of society. But it wasn't all that long ago that they were, through bizarre series of sociopolitical machinations still being parsed by baffled historians, a powerful rash, hugely newsworthy, as dangerous and unstoppable as they were wrongheaded and sad. Remember?

You were not much younger than you are right now. As the Bush era crested, as the neocons' power reached nuclear levels, when female nipples and f-words and evil gay agendas ruled the news, the evangelical Right -Ð led by the most virulent, spittle-flecked gaggle of mental throwbacks to ever stain the American newswires, the American Family Association and its nefarious leader, the Rev. Donald Wildmon -- this group controlled, for a brief, awful moment, the national dialogue. They were the temporary arbiters of taste, the warped conscience of a freaked-out culture. And lo, it was ugly.

Rejoice, won't you? For their time is over.

Did you know the AFA recently boycotted McDonald's? That's right, this once semi-powerful tub of right-wing brain-caulk recently declared a comestible fatwa against America's foremost purveyor of toxic foodstuffs because, apparently, some high-ranking McD's VP just joined the board of directors of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, which, to the AFA, somehow translates directly into free pink condoms and mind-controlling rainbow flags in every toxic God-fearing Happy Meal.

Did you read about that? No? Of course you didn't. Here is why: No one cared. Well, that's not quite true. McDonald's sort of cared, just enough to write up a nice letter of response to Wildmon stating, in essence, that the AFA is a bunch of troglodytic knuckle-draggers with the sociosexual awareness of a fungal spore, and they should crawl away right now before God spanks them even harder with the 2x4 of total irrelevance.

I might be exaggerating. What they actually said was: Thank you, AFA, for your hateful consideration, but we support our employees' right to join whichever socially responsible and positive groups they like. And thusly did McD's flick the AFA away like a tick from a dog. Isn't that amazing?

Now, you may argue that McDonald's and the other megacorps that the AFA has tried to boycott in the past, including Wal-Mart (for selling "Brokeback Mountain" DVDs to unsuspecting toddlers), the Disney Corporation (for its overall corporate support of the evil gay agenda) and the Ford Motor Company (for advertising in gay magazines), aren't shrugging off Wildmon's wide-eyed cult out of the goodness of their gay-loving hearts. It's not like the majority of McD's honchos actually give a damn about gay rights, or gay marriage, or social justice, or the deeper aspects of love.

Nossir, they do so purely for economic reasons, because it's just good PR, because they are safe in the knowledge that the AFA's rantings have exactly zero effect on their bottom line and lots of their own employees are gay -- and by the way discrimination based on sexual orientation is thoroughly illegal -- and therefore it simply makes more business sense to support tolerance than it does to endorse homophobia and general spiritual stupidity. Isn't that right, Boy Scouts of America? You bet it is.

But wait just a second: Is it still not fascinating in this day and age that our most powerful capitalist companies, those most associated with mainstream, dumbed-down, unhealthy, rather uninformed Republican Americana, even these megacorps are now openly and rather shamelessly supporting gay rights and tolerance?

Is it not, concomitantly, interesting that no one at all cares a whit for what the hell the AFA has to say anymore? Is this not a sign of something interesting and sea-changing and good? I think it is. McD's, Wal-Mart, Ford and Disney utterly ignore the Christian Right? What's next, an articulate black intellectual president? Oh wait.

It is made all the more amusing, more comical and cute, by another recent tidbit, the final evidence you will need that the evangelical Right has returned to its original state of inbred silliness, and therefore it is very likely indeed that you will never have to read anything more about them ever again until Wildmon (and his twin, Dr. James Dobson over at Focus on the Family), join Jerry Falwell and Jesse Helms in the Great Gay Bath House in the sky.

It is this: The AFA's Web site apparently has (or rather, had, until just recently) an auto-filter installed. So utterly terrified of anything remotely gay are these kindly folk that whenever the word "gay" appeared in any news story on their site, their autobot automatically changed it to "homosexual." True.

Thus did it come to pass that many fine stories about American Olympic track and fieldster Tyson Gay become a whole lotta wacky stories about the epic struggles of some unlucky runner named "Tyson Homosexual" to post some good numbers in the 100-meter dash. Poor guy.

And that about does it. Your final proof that God laughs and snorts and doesn't give a flying McRib sandwich about any particular gaggle of humans, particularly those who profess that they know and love and worship him more violently and blindly than anyone else.

Somewhere in all this, a moral, a lesson. Perhaps a curious anecdote about how, in this country, it seems like every agenda, every stupid idea, every rancid fireball of ignorant religious fanaticism nevertheless gets its moment, its 15 minutes, its desperate shot at guiding the culture, just to see if it can, if there's something of value, if there's something to be learned.

And when it comes to the sad Christian nutballs, well, the lesson appears to be wildly obvious indeed: Avoid the sad Christian nutballs, now and forevermore. Hell, even God could've told you that.
Source: Mark Morford,