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The CDC groups a number of "cause" of death into large categories for simplification of gathering and reporting mortality data. These data are used every year in numerous reports by Federal, State, City and not-for-profits, local agencies, and businesses . However, it hides whqt is really going on with Oregonian's physial and mental health and the systems progress. These data, presented in that manner, hide the seriousness of death by suiide, particularly for our youth under 25 and all MAABs though 54. This distration is not intentional and is not to fault the peoples in Oregon developing corrective plans to reach their goal of Zero Suicides. Acknowledging the truth, however, does enourage and support the legislature to inest more heavily in Behavioral health, to bring our mortality data more in liine with the size of our county (27th) distractio from the reality tht is happening within those giant categories.

Kumquats to Cucumbers - CDC, AFSP - 10 Leading Causes (Categorys) of Death

In 2020, the CDC reported the following top causes (categories) of death in Oregon. Suicide dropped out of the top 10 because, instead of including Covid-19 deaths with Influenza and pneumonia, it was given its own spot.

What is included in each ategory?

1. Heart Diseases 168.2 from 161.5

coronary artery disease (CAD), Cardiovascular disease CVD
Heart Disease

heart failure

Every year about 805,000 Americans have a heart attack. Of these, 605,000 are a first heart attack and 200,000 happen in people who have already had a heart attack. That said, the leading sign of a heart attack is death.

2. Cancers 144.1 from 146.2

Kidney renal
Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

3. Covid 19 85.0 vs 00.0 (influenza not combined)

4. Unintentional Injury 57.6 from 49.3 total 200,955 61.0k

drug over dose/drug poisonings 91,799 27.9

drug over dose involving any opioid 68,630

drug over dose deaths involving heroin 13,165 4.0

Safety issues in and around the home include:

Falls 42, 114 12.8

Scald Burns


Unintentional Poisoning

Motor vehicle Traffic deaths include: 40,698 12.4

Child Passenger Safety

Young Driver Safety

Opioid overdose

Unintentional poisiong 87,404 26.5

motor vehicle crashes

Unintentional falls

5. Sepeerate: Homicides 24,576 7.5

Firearm homicides 19,384 5.9

6. Stroke 38.8 vs 37.0

7. Chronic lower respiroty diseases - 36.4 down from 38.2

Chronic lower respiratory diseases (including asthma) deaths

Bronchitis (chronic and unspecified) deaths


Asthma 4,126 1.

8. Alzheimer disease 32.4 vs 29.8

9. Disbetes 24.8 vs 21.8

10.nfluenza and pneumonia 13.0 vs 12.3

influenza deaths 5,943b 1.8

pnemonia 47,601

(Should COVID not be in this category to be consistantwith the CDC top 10 leading categorys of deaeth, not crisis items

11. Kidney disease 12.7 vs 12.3(combined 52,547 15.9




12. Suicide didn't make the list because olf the addition of Covid which, I believe, should have follow the CDC strategy of combinations to be included with Influenza and Pnemonia.

Maine Youth Suicide Prevention (8 page PDF)


Apples to Apples - CDC Top 50 Causes (Causes) of Death by Gender

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