Parents play a very important part in their child's decision not to use drugs.

Over the past few years, surveys ahve told us that parents have a significant opportunity to influence their children. When kids lean aboug dugs from their parents or caregivers, they are 36% less likely to smoke marijuana. 50% less likely to use inhalants, 56% less likely to use cocaine and 65% less likely to use LSD.

Young people learn about themselves and life at home. This is where they will develop a strong sense of well-being and decent values.

We understand that talking about issues such as drugs may be difficult. This card is designed to hellp you discuss drugs more easily. By maintaining open and understanding communicatiojno with your child and giving them the truth, we konw you can help your child live a drug-free life.

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The effects drugs and alcohol have on our society are disastrous. Millions of lives have been ruined, and many lives ended before their time. Careers and jobs have been lost, people have been injured or debilitated, savings have been squandered, families have broken up, and some have lost everything they have--including their sons or daughters. 

Our overcrowded prisons are filled with offenders whose crimes involved drugs. Many of them were on drugs when they committed those crimes--and often the crime was committed to support their own drug habit. 

But drug addiction and dependency are not happening just to the stereotypical "drug addict". People from all walks of life, and at all ages, are falling prey to drugs. 

Young school kids get drugs from their classmates and friends, teenagers bring prescription drugs from their parents' medicine cabinets to "pharma" parties where they throw the pills into a bowl where anyone can take what they want--with no idea of how the drugs will affect them, or how dangerous they are. 

College kids are spending hard-earned education dollars on drugs. Doctors, lawyers, business people, blue collar workers and housewives are getting hooked—no one is immune.

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L Ron Hubbard

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