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Real Time U.S. Death Toll
Year-to-date Suicide Report by Oregon County
Curry County Suicidal Subjects for 2017

Notice - This Suicide Watch report is prepared by volunteers at ZeroAttempts.org and is published monthly. It is made up of web based articles, reports, guides, videos and upcoming trainings concerning suicide that we have found and feel may benefit those stakeholders in Oregon working with the issues of our high suicide rates. If you wish to unsubscribe, so state in the subject line. If you know someone who might find benefit from this source, send them this link https://bit.ly/2GIXwjE and suggest they check it out and sign-up at ZeroAttempts@aol.com . If you find recent web based information, articles or trainings regarding some aspect of suicide that might apply to our audience, please send us the URL and we will review it for pertinent content.

Historic Reference - Video - 2017
NAMI Ending the Silence - A mental health awareness program for teens 2:50
Ending The Silence Model Presentation Video - 38:15
Mental Illness: What You See / What You Don't - 2:17
Suicidal thoughts, meet mindfulness - your worst enemy. - Various
Can texting save lives? - Must see video! - 8:32
Logic - 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid - 8:59
Historic Reference - Information - 2017

Historic Reference - 2018


12/26 - Tackling the Stigma: Copline Hotline Helps Officers Struggling with Mental Health

COPLINE: National Law Enforcement Officers Hotline

12/18 - NEVADA: Teen Sexual Identity, Childhood Trauma Linked to Suicidal Behaviors

Sexual Identity, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Suicidal Behaviors - Abstract


11/30 - Youth Violence Prevention Interventions that Incorporate Racism/Discrimination Prevention
11/30 -
Zero Suicide Approach for Crisis Centers - Webnar 2-3pm EST
11/18 -
International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day
11/10 -
The Virtual Hope Box

Breaking Down Barriers: Using Youth Suicide-Related Surveillance Data from State Systems

11/5 - International Summit on Suicide Research
NEW 11/3 - Associations between school climate, suicidal thoughts, and behaviors and ethnicity among middle school students
11/2 -
Developing a Successful Suicide Prevention Research Project - Webnar 11a-12mm PDT
MONTANA: Governor and Tribal Governments Uniting to Reduce and Prevent American Indian Youth Suicide

Montana Native Youth Suicide Reduction Strategic Plan - 108 page PDF


10/29 - A Quiet Rise in Wildland Firefighter Suicides

Suicide in the Wildland Fire Service

10/24 - Youth Bullying and Suicide: The Reality for Schools Today - webnar 2-2:30p ET Register
10/20 -
Screening Young People for Suicide Risk
10/18 -
Rocky Mountain MIRECC for VA Suicide Prevention

10/15 - Zero Suicide training offered to local health professionals
10/6 -
CANADA: Ottawa, Military in Joint Offensive to Save Soldiers from Suicide

Military Service Members and Veterans

10/6 - Suicide Trends Among and Within Urbanization Levels by Sex, Race/Ethnicity, Age Group, and Mechanism of Death — United States, 2001–2015
10/5 -
Americans living in rural areas more likely to die by suicide
10/3 -
How to create a more supportive workplace
PTSD and Death from Suicide - 8 page PDF
October -
Suicide in Children and Teens


 9/29 - Means of Suicide among People 50 and Over

Suicide Means among Decedents Aged 50+ Years, 2005–2014: Trends and Associations with Sociodemographic and Precipitating Factors

9/27 - Suicidality and Death by Suicide among Middle-Aged Adults in the United States
9/18 -
Traumatic Brain Injury and Attempted Suicide among Veterans of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - webnar 2-3pm ET
9/17 -
ENGLAND: Strategy Moves to Reduce Suicide Rate

Warwickshire Suicide Prevention Strategy 2016-20 18 page PDF

9/16 - MINNESOTA: SAVE, MnDOT Building Railings on St. Paul Bridge to Deter Suicide

Reduce Access to Means of Suicide

9/16 - Suicide among Veterans Highest in Western U.S., Rural Areas

Suicide Data Sheets - 104 page PDF

9/12 - Safe Care Transitions in a Zero Suicide Framework (68 page PDF)
9/11-16 - National Suicide Prevention Week
9/10 -
World Suicide Prevention Day
9/7-9 -
Faith, Hope, & Life

Faith, Hope, & Life
Trevor Project - Model School District Policy on Suicide Prevention

How Emergency Departments Can Help Prevent Suicide among At-Risk Patients: Five Brief Interventions
Here's How to Talk to Your Boss about Mental Health


8/23 - CALIFORNIA: Under State Mandate, Glendale Unified Adopts Policy on Suicide Prevention
8/11 -
Suicide on Railroad Tracks
8/9 -
ALASKA: The Doctor Will Analyze You Now
8/4 -
QuickStats: Suicide Rates for Teens Aged 15 to 19 by Sex -- United States, 1975-2015
8/3 -
Suicide Among Veterans and Other Americans 2001-2014 - 48 page PDF


7/26 - A suicide attempt in an Army unit can lead to more, study finds

Risk of Suicide Attempt Among Soldiers in Army Units With a History of Suicide Attempts

7/26 - Collaborative Safety Planning to Reduce Risk in Suicidal Patients: A Key Component of the Zero Suicide Model
7/25 -
JAPAN: Japan Aims to Reduce "Critical" Suicide Rate by 30% over 10 Years

Japan turning a corner in suicide prevention

Prior Months/Years

5/2/17 - Data-Driven Quality Improvement in Zero Suicide (69 page PDF)
NEW 2017 - Preventing Suicide: Technical Package of Policy, Programs, and Practices - CDC (62 page PDF)
12/8/16 -
After a Suicide: The Zero Suicide Approach to Postvention in Health and Behavioral Healthcare Settings (61 page PDF)
5/27/16 -
Legal and Liability Issues in Suicide Care (82 page PDF)
9/3/15 -
Zero Suicide and Trauma-Informed Care (56 page PDF)
6/6/15 -
The Role of Peer Support Services in Caring for Those at Risk of Suicide (46 page PDF)
2/10/15 -
Principles of Effective Suicide Care: Evidence-Based Treatments (63 page PDF)
12/16/14 -
Safety Planning and Means Reduction in Large Health Care Organizations (80 page PDF)
10/27/14 -
Screening and Assessment for Suicide in Health Care Settings: A Patient-Centered Approach (65 page PDF)
8/28/14 -
The Emerging Zero Suicide Paradigm: Reducing Suicide for Those in Care (57 page PDF)

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