May Suicide Watch

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Historic Reference - Information - 2018
Historic Reference - VIdeo - 2018
Trailer of Netflix Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric. 2:18
safer internet day 2018 - 11 to 14 year olds - 8:07
America's mass shooting problem goes much deeper than guns, says Warren Farrell, Ph.D. 7:18
Awkward Silence Presents: Seize the Awkward 1:19
13 Reasons Why Season 2 (2018) | Full Trailer [HD] Netflix Thirteen Reasons Why | Series Concept - 5/18/18

Suicide Prevention Movement Video 3:27
Oblivious: An online predator PSA - 8:27

Historic Reference - Information - 2017
Historic Reference - VIdeo - 2017
NAMI Ending the Silence - A mental health awareness program for teens 2:50
Ending The Silence Model Presentation Video - 38:15
Mental Illness: What You See / What You Don't - 2:17
Suicidal thoughts, meet mindfulness - your worst enemy. - Various
Can texting save lives? - Must see video! - 8:32
Logic - 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid - 8:59

Note: NEW items added after June 1, 2018


5/31 - Kids' Suicide-Related Hospital Visits Rise Sharply

Hospitalization for Suicide Ideation or Attempt: 2008–2015 - Abstract
Increase in Suicide in the United States, 1999-2014
Helping Kids in Crisis: Managing Psychiatric Emergencies in Children and Adolescents $60.00

5/31 - The Role of Firearms in Rural-Urban Differences in Suicide in Maryland
NEW - 5/31 - Mobile Phone Intervention to Reduce Youth Suicide in Rural Communities: Field Test 15 pages
5/30 -
CALIFORNIA: San Diego County Expands Suicide Prevention Plan - CBS 8

San Diego: Working Together to End Suicide

NEW - 5/29 - Protocol of an ongoing randomized controlled trial of care management for comorbid depression and hypertension: the Chinese Older Adult Collaborations in Health (COACH) study
5/29 - Why Suicidology Should Pay Attention to Moral Injury
5/25 -
Frequency of Prescription Opioid Abuse and Suicide Risk
5/25 -
ALASKA: Research Highlights Northwest Alaska's Suicide Prevention Work. Full article.
5/25 -
CANADA: Saskatchewan First Nations Group Releases Suicide Prevention Plan

Saskatchewan First Nations Suicide Prevention Strategy (108 page PDF)

5/24 - Suicide prevention: Research network finds new way to predict risk (Kaiser Permanente)
NEW 5/23 - Are bullying perpetration and victimization associated with adolescent deliberate self-harm? A meta-analysis
NEW 5/23 - Common pathways to NSSI and suicide ideation: The roles of rumination and self-compassion
NEW 5/23 - Isolating the association of sleep, depressive state, and other independent indicators for suicide ideation in United States teenagers
NEW 5/23 - Differences in Firearm Suicides by Residential Location in Texas, 2006-2015
NEW 5/23 - The Effects of Publicized Suicide Deaths on Subsequent Suicide Counts in Israel
NEW 5/23 - Suicide Timing in 18 States of the United States from 2003-2014
NEW 5/23 - Childhood Maltreatment, Pathological Personality Dimensions, and Suicide Risk in Young Adults
NEW 5/22 - Black children commit suicide at twice the rate of white kids Science News
NEW 5/22 - Method overtness, forensic autopsy, and the evidentiary suicide note: A multilevel National Violent Death Reporting System analysis
5/22 -
UTAH: The Role Faith Leaders Can Play in Preventing and Responding to Suicide

Faith Communities Task Force

5/21 - Age-related racial disparities in suicide rates among youth ages 5 to 17 years
5/18 -
8 Things to Remember if You Just Watched '13 Reasons Why' Season 2
5/18 -
Method to Identify Undetected Drug Suicides Wins NIDA Award
5/18 -
Estimates of Funding for Various Research, Condition, and Disease Categories (RCDC)
5/18 - SPRC -
Commonly asked questions about 13 Reasons Why. Read More
5/18 -
Recommended Standard Care for People with Suicide Risk: A Critical Step Forward (23 page PDF)
5/17 -
Teens push for better services, culture surrounding mental health in Philly schools
5/16 -
Inside West Bloomfield school's attempt to combat suicide, help students cope

Resources and Programs for High Schools
Making Educators Partners in Youth Suicide Prevention: ACT on FACTS

NEW 5/14 - Measuring adherence to antipsychotic medications for schizophrenia: Concordance and validity among a community sample in rural China
5/13 - UNITED KINGDOM: More Workers Ask for Mental Health Help

New survey shows rise in reports of mental health issues in the workplace

5/9 - Gaps remain in U.S. state policies on suicide prevention training
5/9 -
What Would It Take to Prepare Health Care Professionals to Work With Suicidal Persons? AJPH
5/7 -
SAMHSA Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Grant Program
5/7 -
MASSACHUSETTS: Court Says Schools Can Be Liable for Suicides but Clears MIT
5/4 - Suicide among Mothers of Children Taken into Care by Child Protection Services
5/4 -
Predictive Analytics Pointing VA to Veterans at Risk of Suicide

Military Service Members and Veterans

5/4 - ALASKA: Alaska Native Youth Find Strength, Resilience in Ancient Traditions
5/4 -
INTERNATIONAL: Young Victims of Cyberbullying Twice as Likely to Attempt Suicide and
5/4 - Broad-Based Assessment of Suicide Data and Suicide Prevention Services through the Colorado National Collaborative
5/3 -
Governor Bullock announces new statewide suicide prevention tool

Cognitive Therapy for Suicide Prevention

5/2 - SAMHSA Tribal Behavioral Health Grant Program
5/1 -
Hospitalization for Suicide Ideation or Attempt: 2008–2015
5/1 -
Five Ways You're Shaming Mental Illness and May Not Know It

Safe and Effective Messaging and Reporting

OBLIVIOUS: An Online Predator PSA
Gaming technology used for suicide prevention
Student suicide prevention plan in the works for Newport-Mesa schools
VR gaming helps California educators
This Video Game Combats Anti-LGBTQ+ Bullying In Schools
Can Computer Simulations Help Teachers Intervene With Suicidal Students?
How Do Emotions and Experiences Combine to Provoke Suicidal Ideation and Behavior?
K-12 Toolkit for Mental Health Promotion & Suicide Prevention
Treatment Works for Vets
Rocky Mountain Short Takes on Suicide Prevention: Treatment Works for Vets podcast interview
County-Level Trends in Suicide Rates
All of Us Research Program National Launch

Self-Harm, Suicidal Behaviours, and Cyberbullying in Children and Young People: Systematic Review

A Parent’s Guide to Mental Health and Wellness for College Students - book
Many Opioid Overdoses May Be Suicides
At-Risk for PK-12 Educators video: Kognito Youth Suicide Prevention Program - 1:53
Kognito Webnar Power Point Slides on:

Threat Assessment in Virginia Public Schools: Model Policies, Procedue and guidelines 2nd Edition, 2016 (59 page PDF)
Mental Health as Part of a Comprehensive School Safety Framework - A Q&A Discussion (9 page PDF)
Responding to Trauma: The Role of K-12 Schools (44 page PDF)
Innovative Approaches to School-Based Suicide Prevention (16 page PDF)
Suicide Postvention: The Role of the School Community After a Suicide (35 page PDF)
AB2246 & Developing Your Suicide Prevention Policy: What School Leaders Should Know webnar (37 page PDF broken)
CA Model Youth Suicide Prevention Policy

Responding to 13 Reasons Why: An Interactive Q&A Discussion (8 page PDF)

13 Reasons Why Talking Points (1 page PDF)

Bullying in our Schools – What Adults Can Do to Make a Difference (Webnar only)
Introducing Simulations for PK-12 Educators and Peer Support (Video only)

At-Risk for Elementary School Educators (Video only)
Friend2Friend (Video only)

A Real Life Tale of Two Districts: Harnessing the Power of Kognito Conversations to Improve Mental Wellness for Students (28 page PDF)
New technology to improve wellness in Indian Country (20 page PDF)
Title IX and Trans Students’ Rights (48 page PDF)
Suicide Prevention Legislation and Our Schools (34 page PDF) )
Suicide Postvention in Schools: Responding Effectively! Preventing Contagion (36 page PDF)
Innovations in K-12 School Mental Health (6 page PDF)
Bullying and Schools: Keys for Prevention and Intervention (27 page PDF)
Satisfying AB2246 Suicide Prevention Mandate with Turnkey PD Solution (56:42 YouTube)

Blog Post: Responding to Trauma: The Role of K-12 Schools Webinar Recap
Blog Post: Does Your State Recommend Kognito as a Youth Suicide Prevention Program?

Oregon: Yes

Librarians emerge as unlikely players in battle against opioid epidemic (Oregonian)
Youth help line recruiting teen volunteers: Portland nonprofit opening satellite office in Central Oregon (Bend Bulletin)
Battling Depression and Suicide Among Female Veterans (NPR)
Mapping the rising tide of suicide deaths across the United States (Washington Post)
The Amazing Psychology of Japanese Train Stations (City Lab)
Red Flag Laws Are Linked to Declines in Gun Suicides, New Study Finds (Huffington Post)
Saving Lives, Losing Themselves (paramedics and mental health care) (US News)
It Saves Lives. It Can Save Money. So Why Aren’t We Spending More on Public Health? (NYT)
What you need to know about the doctor suicide epidemic – and how you can help
Children’s Safety Network Infographic on injury disparities including suicide
Isolating the association of sleep, depressive state, and other independent indicators for suicide ideation in United States teenagers.
Center for Health Care Strategies:
Trauma-Informed Care in Action Profiles
Guiding their way back: A resource for people who are supporting someone after a suicide attempt (beyond blue out of Australia) (40 page PDF)
Results from the 2016 Natinoal Survey on Drug Use and Health: Detailed Tables (2,889 page PDF)

Happened in May

5/30 - Webinar: SPRC's Effective Suicide Prevention Model, 2-3p ET
5/29-30 -
ASIST, 10a-6p, Southwestern Oregon Community College, Curry Campus,Brookings
5/25 - Mental Health First Aid Class, Southwestern Oregon Community College, Curry Campus,Brookings, Free
Register by Email or call 541-813-2535 (Training is full. Next one will be in July Date to be announced soon.)
5/22 - ACEs Training, 1-3 pm, Human Services Building, Medfordplease contact to sign up. For Professional Development credits for this training, please register at PD Networks.
5/18 - WarningSeason 2 of 13 Reasons Why breaks May 18 on Netfliex..Watch it with your kids for their safety. Know the facts. Have these supportive resources available for parents, students and stakeholders
5/14 -
Promoting Firearms Safety among Veterans at Risk of Suicide 12-1P PDT
5/13-19 - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration National Prevention Week
5/10 - National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day
5/10 - Associations between health-related self-efficacy and suicidality
5/9 - Webinar: Suicide Risk Assessment and Management for LGBT People 9a PT
5/1 - Resilience: The Biology of Stress and Science of Hope, 6 p.m. Northern Lights Theatre Pub, Salem FREE. More info: contact Michael Polacek at
5/1 - Drug, alcohol, and suicide deaths in the U.S. and the need for a national resilience strategy web forum 1-2:30p ET
May - First Responders: Behavioral Health Concerns, Emergency Response, and Trauma - (15 page PDF)
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