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Every hour and forty-five minutes, another young person dies by suicide.
Teen/youth suicide rates have tripled since 1970.

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Teen Suicide Statistics
Deaths by Suicide and Self-inflicted Injury age 15-24, 1991-1993
Suicide Gender Comparisons (Men:Women)
Teen Suicide Warning Signs
Prevention Organizations

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Teen Suicide Statistics

The suicide statistics contained in this article are gathered from studies done by the National Institute of Mental Health.

Suicide Deaths, U.S., 2001

  • Suicide was the 11th leading cause of death in the United States.
  • It was the 8th leading cause of death for males, and 19th leading cause of death for females.
  • The total number of suicide deaths was 30,622.
  • The 2001 age-adjusted rate** was 10.7/100,000 or 0.01%.
  • 1.3% of total deaths were from suicide. By contrast, 29% were from diseases of the heart, 23% were from malignant neoplasms (cancer), and 6.8% were from cerebrovascular disease (stroke) - the three leading causes.
  • Suicides outnumbered homicides (20,308) by 3 to 2.
  • There were twice as many deaths due to suicide than deaths due to HIV/AIDS (14,175).
  • Suicide by firearms was the most common method for both men and women, accounting for 55% of all suicides.
  • More men than women die by suicide. The gender ratio is 4:1.
  • 73% of all suicide deaths are white males.
    80% of all firearm suicide deaths are white males.
  • Among the highest rates (when categorized by gender and race) are suicide deaths for white men over 85, who had a rate of 54/100,000.
  • Suicide was the 3rd leading cause of death among young adults and adolescents 15 to 24 years of age, following unintentional injuries and homicide. The rate was 9.9/100,000 or .01%.
  • The adolescent suicide rate among youth ages 10-14 was 1.3/100,000 or 272 deaths among 20,910,440 children in this age group. The gender ratio for this age group was 3:1 (males: females).
  • The adolescent suicide rate among youth aged 15-19 was 7.9/100,000 or 1,611 deaths among 20,271,312 adolescents in this age group. The gender ratio for this age group was 5:1 (males: females).
  • Among young people 20 to 24 years of age, the suicide rate was 12/100,000 or 2,360 deaths among 19,711,423 people in this age group. The gender ratio for this age group was 7:1 (males: females).

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Suicide Gender Comparisons (Men:Women)

Girls attempt suicide more than boys 3:1

Men succeed in suicide more than women 4:1

Boys succeed in suicide more than girls

Age 10-14 - 3:1
Age 15-19 - 5:1
Age 20-24 - 7:1

Teen Suicide Warning Signs

Studies show that 4 out of 5 teen suicide attempts have been preceded by clear warning signs. Make sure you know them.

Pay attention to these suicide warning signs:

  • Suicide threats, direct and indirect
  • A teen's obsession with death
  • Poems, essays and drawings that refer to death
  • Dramatic change in personality or appearance
  • Irrational, bizarre behavior
  • Overwhelming sense of guilt, shame or reflection
  • Changed eating or sleeping patterns
  • Severe drop in school performance
  • Giving away belongings

If you know someone who exhibits some of these warning signs - please contact a local therapist or hotline immediately. If this is an emergency - contact 911 or Text "SOS" to 741741

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Student Suicide Prevention Shows Results

Attempts declined by 40 percent where progam was used.
Source: www.healthcentral.com/news/NewsFullText.cfm?id=517754

"My friend is talking about suicide. What should I do?"

If you've ever asked yourself this, you're not alone. TeensHealth gives the answers to questions that teens like you ask us all the time. Check to see if we've answered one of yours in Q & A.
Source: www.kidshealth.org/teen/question/index.html

Study Shows 900,000 Teens Planned Suicides While Depressed

Approximately 900,000 American teens 12-17 years old had made a plan to commit suicide during their worst or most recent episode of major depression, and 712,000 attempted suicide during such an episode, a new federal study reports.
Source: www.healthcentral.com/newsdetail/408/1506914.html

Prevention Organizations

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