Gordon Clay here. During election speeches, everyone was talking about jobs. Here I thought they were talking about job growth. What it appears, by bills proposed in the House, is how to eliminate jobs.

If the "fat cats" want to get serious, repeal the 24-month millionaire's tax cut extension the last Congress enacted. The last 10-years is pretty good evidence that tax cuts for the rich don't add jobs. Corporations do. However, corporations are doing everything they can to get rid of trillions in cash - short of hiring people. Paying the highest stock dividends in years. Funding the largest lobbying effort ever to encourage politicians to eliminate safety and public health regulations. HR1 is just one example - designed to cut EPA's ability to protect water, air and land so big oil and gas can do what they want.

Next, let's repeal the 1986 Federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act. Arizona wants to exclude health care for illegal imigrants. And, HR 358 proposes that hospitals let pregnant girls and women die. History is clear - when abortion is legalized, the crime rate decreases. Are we going to test what happens in reverse?

Why don't we just go ahead and repeal the act for everyone without insurance to eliminate all those free-loaders. Got insurance? Got cash?

You want to stop killing innocent children, stop exporting war for profit. And, substantially cut back Homeland Security and TSA, programs designed not to really do much but keep us in fear

Next,hire Big Blue's Watson to figure out what's good for the future of our country. Afterall, Watson is smarter and seems to have a much bigger heart than many of our current men and women in Congress?

Resource: http://bit.ly/eRdkSs