Gordon Clay here. In this Congress, there's a whipped up fervor over abortion rights by religious radicals who don't even have the Bible's support. In fact, the Bible actually says that a child has no value until the second month after birth. That would include a zygote, embryo, or fetus at any stage of development. Leviticus 27: 3-7

But a large group of men and women in this Congress want to force girls and women who become pregnant from being raped, to carry the rapist's child to term. (H.R.3) They want to defund complete programs like Planned Parenthood and eliminate access to social services for fragile families by cutting funding for the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant, the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program, Head Start, and Community Health Centers.

Together these bills would cut women off from the private health care they have today, allow public hospitals to refuse to take necessary steps to save a woman’s life; and allow the states to deny Medicaid coverage for care to save a woman’s life.

I would expect a Christian nation to respond to a rape with collective humanity. But then again, I forget that men continue to control the government and they seem to always look for ways to control women. What is it about women that this group of men AND women hate so much?

I am a man, but if I could get pregnant from a rapist and was forced by law to have that rapist's baby grow daily inside my body, I believe that birthing The Alien would be less traumatic.

I just don't understand wanting to force this kind of "morality" on the rest of us. These aren't atheist's or Muslim's or pagan's laws. These are Christian's laws. I'm sorry but this is Beelzebul's work - pure evil.

See http://bit.ly/eRdkSs for resources.