Gordon Clay here. The Supreme Court’s shameful overreach in Citizen’s United opened the floodgates to corporate purchasing of those who pretend to represent the people. It’s to ensure that no avenues exist for the majority to influence American policies so as to solidify control by those in the top 5%.

The Michigan legislature even gave the governor the power to remove democratically elected representatives at all levels of local government and replace them with corporate managers.

There’s little, personally, for most politicians to worry about, Democrat or Republican. Most will benefit financially from corporate takeover.

Even losing, they’ll collect their public pensions and find secure, more lucrative jobs as lobbyists and consultants.

A recent headline says the White House is going to try to determine what will fire up its base. Blindness must rule that bubble, for all they need to do is look around at what’s happening.

Democratic leadership in the White House and Congress hunker down to see how they can come out of all this in the next elections. They go on about cooperation and bipartisanship, which means Democrats conceding to Republicans on these issues, not visa versa.

It’s hard to believe that the human toll of these actions doesn’t move their promoters. But these ideologies include blinders that prevent sympathy with the hardships of the masses.

This is a movement that has begun to realize we can't rely on Obama and Reid. At best we can cheer the "Wisconsin 8." 

What I hope we remember is that this is a movement of the majority. There are more workers than there are bosses.