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Suicide prevention programs in high school settings should use a comprehensive approach that combines multiple strategies addressing the risk and protective factors in the student population. These strategies can include protocols for educating students and parents about suicide prevention, training school personnel, identifying and helping students at risk, and responding after a suicide death. All suicide prevention programs should ensure that resources are in place to provide appropriate care to students identified as being at risk.

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All Resources Related to High School

Networks for Life: An Educator's Role in Youth Suicide Prevention

Walking the talk: A toolkit for engaging youth in mental health

School-Based Mental Health Services and Suicide Risk

ALABAMA: Athens School Board Approves Youth Suicide Prevention Policy

Making the connection: Suicidal thoughts and behaviors and academic grades - 2 page PDF

ARIZONA: Arizona High Schools Add Suicide Prevention Numbers to ID Badges

Get Ready for School

MICHIGAN: Oxford High School Students Begin Project Called “13 Reasons Why Not”

Problem-Solving Therapy (PST)

SOS Signs of Suicide Middle School and High School Prevention Programs


Making Educators Partners in Youth Suicide Prevention: ACT on FACTS

Suicide Prevention: A Gatekeeper Training for School Personnel

Healing of the canoe: Preliminary results of a culturally grounded intervention to prevent substance abuse and promote tribal identity for native youth in two Pacific Northwest tribes

Abstract - 31 page PDF

Riverside Trauma Center postvention guidelines - 8 page PDF

Texas suicide safer schools - 104 page PDF

CDC epi-aid report on youth suicide in Fairfax county

PREPaRE School Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training Curriculum (2nd Edition)

Plan, Prepare, Prevent: The SOS Signs of Suicide® Online Gatekeeper Training

Suicide Prevention: Supporting our Youth

Umatter for Schools Youth Suicide Prevention

Illinois gatekeeper evaluation reports

Creating Suicide Safety in Schools

Journey to Wellness

A Strategic Approach to Suicide Prevention in High Schools

The CMHS Suicide Prevention Branch presents a two-part webinar to discuss suicide and intimate partner violence

The FIRE Within: Youth Entrepreneurs Preventing Suicide

Step In, Speak Up!: Supporting LGBTQ Students

2013 GLS COMBINED ANNUAL Grantee Meeting "The Evolving Paradigm: New Directions for Suicide Prevention

Real Teenagers Talking about Depression: A Video-Based Study Guide

Trevor Lifeguard Workshop

Just Talk About It: Suicide Prevention Toolkit

Youth suicide prevention education

Break Free from Depression: A 4-Session Curriculum Addressing Adolescent Depression

Connect Youth Leaders: Partnering with Adults in Youth Suicide Prevention

Sources of Strength: Preventing Suicide among High School Students through Peer Leadership and Adult Mentoring

The role of high school mental health providers in preventing suicide (SPRC Customized Information Series)

The role of high school teachers in preventing suicide (SPRC Customized Information Page)

Kognito At-Risk for High School Educators

2012 Garrett Lee Smith SUICIDE PREVENTION Combined Grantee Meeting

Bullying and Suicide Prevention

Barriers and facilitators to mental health help-seeking for young elite athletes: A qualitative study

Youth Suicide Prevention Referral and Tracking Toolkit

Preventing suicide: A toolkit for high schools

Data source: Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System

LEADS: For Youth (Linking Education and Awareness of Depression and Suicide)

Suicide prevention: Facts for parents - 2 page PDF

Youth suicide prevention school-based guide checklists - 169 page PDF

Lifelines Curriculum

Ask 4 Help Suicide Prevention for Youth

Helping Every Living Person (HELP) Depression and Suicide Prevention Curriculum

Youth suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention guidelines: A resource for school personnel

Healthy Education for Life Program (HELP)

Multisystemic Therapy With Psychiatric Supports (MST-Psychiatric)

Connect Suicide Postvention Training

High School Gatekeeper Curriculum

Customized information series

Response: A Comprehensive High School-based Suicide Awareness Program (2nd Edition)

American Indian Life Skills (AILS)

Connect Suicide Prevention/Intervention Training

CAST (Coping and Support Training)

Maximizing the return of parent consent forms

Sources of Strength

Responding After a Suicide: Best Practices for Schools

After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools - 49 page PDF

Under Construction

LifeSavers Training

How Not To Keep A Secret

Teens for Life Program: Youth Curriculum

More Than Sad: Suicide Prevention Education for Teachers and Other School Personnel

School Suicide Prevention Accreditation

More Than Sad: Teen Depression

Preventing suicidal behavior among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth: Developing LGBT cultural competence

Lifelines postvention: Responding to suicide and other traumatic death

Reconnecting Youth: A Peer Group Approach to Building Life Skills