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Speaking to someone, whether by going to a therapist or by attending a support group, can help you feel better and improve your mental health. These resources can help you find a psychologist, psychiatrist, or support group near you.

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American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Suicide Bereavement Support Group Finder
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Emotional Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Outbreak
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Psychotherapist is a term used loosely to describe someone who practices some form of talk therapy for mental illness. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers all use the term psychotherapy to describe what they do. But since “psychotherapist” is a self-designated term, not everyone who is called a “psychotherapist” or “therapist” is credentialed, has relevant experience, or is even trained in their stated area of work. If you’re considering seeing someone who is labeled as a psychotherapist, make sure to ask what training he had, whether he is licensed, and what kind of treatment he offers. Source

Mandatory training and continuing education in suicidality is not required in Oregon. Oregon Senate Bill 48 (2017) suggested doctors, nurses and mental health professionals take at least six hours of suicidal training every six years. It is suggested that you interview therapists regarding suicidality to determine if they have the minimal training necessary to meet your needs. Ask: (1) Did you have any such training to get your license? (2) Have you had any such continuing education in the last six years? (3) If so, what? (4) Do you plan to take any such continuing education in the next six years? (5) If so what?

WIld Rivers Coast


  • Judith M Kennedy Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, MA License and State: T0979 Oregon Bandon (559) 853-4008


  • Alay Psychiatry - Children & Adults, Across Oregon Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, PMHNP License and State: 201803795 Oregon (458) 225-5152 Virtual visits
  • Dr. Annamaria Anthony Psychologist- Personal Coach, Redwood Coaching and Consulting, LLC Psychologist, Ph.D., M.S., C.P.C. License and State: 19998 California 3044 Oregon (458) 207-5706
  • Jeanne Bisson, Oregon License T1555 Oregon Costa Clinical Psychology, 625 Spruce St. LMFT (541) 412-0700
  • James E Brown Licensed Professional Counselor, LMFT, LPC Certificate: American Assoc for Marriage & Family Therapy / 72165 (541) 412-5079
  • Teresa Costa, Oregon License 2356 Oregon Costa Clinical Psychology, 625 Spruce St. LLC Psychologist, PsyD (541) 254-0397
  • Andrea Roberta Del Grande Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC License and State: C4401 Oregon (520) 251-8655 99168 Winchuck River Rd, Brking (520) 251-8655
  • David Franzee, QMHP,, 615 5th St Brking 813-2535 x6255, 615 5th St.
  • Jocelyn Gates, LCSW Bking (541) 412-9141 NOT 541
  • Michael Huck 625 Spruce St (541) 412-0700
  • Sue Krayer, MA  735-2126
  • Dr. Kenneth W. Manuele, DO, Medical Clinic, 97825 Shopping Center Ave Harbor, (541) 412-2000
  • Witt Marie, Counselor, 97839 Shopping Center Ave, Harbor, (541) 469-7463
  • Lisa Peacock McLaughlin Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT (971) 351-2316
  • Rosemarie Reynolds PhD Psychologist Brking (541) 661-5840
  • Anne Ryssdal LPC Brking (541) 412-2700 disconnected
  • Jerry Jay Snodgrass Licensed Professional Counselor, M.S., LPC License and State: C2311 Oregon Medford (458) 207-5608
  • Cory Sullins, a PhD candidate intern. Costa Cliinical Psychology, 625 Spruce, (541) 412-0700
  • Chuck Weller, PO Box 1446, (541) 251-4121

Coos Bay

  • Dr. Annamaria Anthony Psychologist- Personal Coach Psychologist, Ph.D., M.S., C.P.C. License and State: 19998 California (458) 207-5706
  • Sharilyn Brown Pre-Licensed Professional, MS, NCC Supervisor: Amber Bathon Supervisor License: 2995 Oregon (541) 290-9707
  • Susan M Chappelear Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, CADC-1 C2271 Oregon 375 Park Avenue Suite 2 (541) 204-4887
  • Ms. Delila Donaldson All Tribes Mental Health and Wellness Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW License and State: L7749 Oregon (541) 500-0301 Virtual visits
  • Daniel Warren Emmett Better Reality, Licensed Professional Counselor, PhD, LPC License and State: C5098 Oregon 2650 North 17th Street (541) 435-2159
  • Emy Guynup, Venture Counseling MS, NCC Certificate: NBCC / NCC 631492 (541) 435-0322
  • Madeline Jacobs Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, MSN, PMHNP License and State: 201809753NP-PP Oregon Astoria (503) 836-5120 Virtual visits
  • Mrs. Carrie Kralicek License and State: 201401811NP-PP Oregon License and State: 201401811NP-PP Oregon A Right Mind Mental Wellness 1957 Thompson Rd Suite G
  • Ms. Dawn Neal, Hope Counseling Services Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, CADCII License and State: C3389 Oregon (844) 289-2827
  • Hannah Noble Occupational Therapist, MOTR/L License and State: 327053 Oregon (541) 625-1790
  • Dawn 'Kelly' Ogle, New Dawn Counseling Licensed Professional Counselor, CADC II, LPC License and State: C3819 Oregon Hispanic and Latino and Native American.focus. (541) 663-4168
  • Elizabeth Sunzeri Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT License and State: T0589 Oregon (541) 246-9037


  • Susan Jane Hunt, Gentle Breeze Counseling, MS, LPC License and State: C4786 Oregon 14 W 1st Street (541) 275-5308

Crescent City

  • Dr. Peter Brown, Psychologist, PsyD, MA, MBA Crescent City, License and State: PSY26174 California (628) 227-6542 Google Voice
  • K. Kate Estikta Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW License No. and State: 77263 Board of Behavioral Sciences. Eureka (Northern California, extensive experience working in Native and rural populations. (707) 415-8808
  • Debra Foster, MA, Remi Vista Inc, 370 9th St,
  • Bernadette Marie Johnson, Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT License and State: 98897 California MFT North Coast Family Counseling 508 H Street, Suite 9, Crescent City (707) 722-9020 Virtual visits
  • Mary Borath Navarro Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT License and State: MFT 25343 California (833) 755-3460 (won't take messages Busy Busy
  • Karen Nielsen MA LPC GldBch 541-892-1495
  • Soveyra Rosas LEP MA 541-275-6263
  • Janet Schwertscharf, Clinical Social Worker, 415 Hwy 101 So, Ste #2, 707-465-3331
  • Mara Snider, MFCC, 707-954-0383
  • Remi Vista, 370 9th St. 707-464-4349

Gold Beach

  • Todd Armstrong, MA LPS NCC, 94176 10th St, GldBch 541-247-5158
  • Hale Jean, Counselor, 94174 10th St, GldBch (541) 247-0678
  • Karen Nielsen MA LPC GldBch (541) 892-1495

Myrtle Point

  • Susan Jane Hunt Licensed Professional Counselor, Gentle BreezeMS, LPC License and State: C4786 Oregon (541) 275-5308

North Bend

  • Megan E Miller Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT License and State: T0920 Oregon (503) 831-9161 Virtual visits 730-9282

Port Orford/Langlois

  • Judith M Kennedy Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, MA License and State: T0979 Oregon Bandon (559) 853-4008


Virtual Visit: Be seen in your home and prescribed medications are delivered to your home! You will need a webcam and a computer-tablet-phone with access to high speed internet access

  • Curry Community Health - 29692 Ellensburg Ave GldBch, (541) 425-7545
  • Curry Community Health - Clubhouse. 29845 Airport Way, GldBch, (541) 373-8001
  • Curry Community Health - 615 5th St., Brookings, (541) 425-7545
  • Coast Community Health Center, 716 Hwy 101,, Port Orford, (541) 332-1114
  • Curry County Alcohol & Drug · Counselor, 29821 Colvin St. GldBch (541) 247-4082
  • Gold Beach Counseling Center, 29756 Hillcrest St GldBch, (541) 247-0282
  • Lighthouse Counseling Center PC Family Counselor, 94176 10th St GldBch, (541) 247-5158
  • North Coast Family Counseling 508 H Street Suite 9 Crescent City, California 95531 (707) 722-9020


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