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Crisis Text Line releases trends and data
What is the Crisis Text Line?
What are in the data?
Current Monthly Trend Data for Oregon

Each category below represents 100% of the texters for that particular issue. The next five co-occurring issues are the ones that are also most often discussed in that texting session:

Anxiety/Stress - Relationships, Bullying, Suicide, Isolation/Loneliness, Self-harm.
Bullying - Relationships, Suicide, Depression/sadness, Anxiety/stress, Isolation/Loneliness
Depression/Sadness -
Suicide, Relationships, Anxiety/stress, Isolation/loneliness, Self-harm
Eating/Body Image -
Suicide, Anxiety/stress
Emotional Abuse -
Relationships, Depression/sadness, Sexual Abuse, Suicide, Isolation/loneliness
Gender/Sexual Identify -
Relationships, Depression/sadness, Suicide, Anxiety/stress, Isolation/loneliness
Grief - Depression/sadness, Relationships, Suicide, Anxiety/stress, Isolation/loneliness
Isolation/Loneliness -
Depression/sadness, Relationships, Anxiety/stress, Suicide, Self-harm
Physical Abuse -
Relationships, Sexual Abuse, Suicide, Depression/sadness, Isolation/loneliness
Relationships - Depression/sadness, Anxiety/stress, Suicide, Isolation/loneliness, Self-harm
Self Harm -Depression/sadness, Suicide, Relationship, Anxiety/stress, Isolation//loneliness
Sexual Abuse - Relationships, Suicide, Depression/sadness, Anxiety/stress, Isolation/loneliness
Substance Abuse -
Relationships, Depression/stress, Suicide, Anxiety/stress, Isolation/loneliness
Suicidal Thoughts - Depression/sadness, Relationships, Anxiety/stress, Isolation/loneliness, Self-harm
Third Party - Relationships, Suicide, Anxiety/stress, Depressions/sadness, Self-harm

Looking at the percentage of crisis texts that happen between 10pm and 4am, on some of these topics, is shocking. This is when people can't sleep, especially youth.

Related Issues: Crisis Text Line, Emergency Services, Semicolon Campaign, 741741, Zero Suicides/Attempts, Secrets No More - We would like you to check this out and participate if you will.

Crisis Text Line releases trends and data

Crisis Text Line is a service that troubled teens can use to find help with suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, and other issues via text messaging. The long-term goal is to anonymize and encode these text messages so that researchers and policy-makers could better understand something typically kept private to the individuals.

Following through, the organization recently released a look into their data and a sample of encoded messages. (There’s a link to download the data at the bottom of the page.)

The visual part of the release shows the day and time text messages come in, the issue and the co-occurring issues revealed during each texting session. Groups , researchers and educational institutions can develop a partnership with the organization and receive considerably more information by state on the public information provided at

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What is the Crisis Text Line?

When a young woman texted with a heartbreaking cry for help, the organization responded by opening a nationwide Crisis Text Line for people in pain. Millions of text messages later, the organization is using the privacy and power of text messaging to help people handle addiction, suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse and more. But there's an even bigger win: The anonymous data collected by text is teaching us when crises are most likely to happen — and helping schools and law enforcement to prepare for them by using technology and data to help save lives.

Statistics show that."Only 5% of teens are willing to call phone crisis lines, but they're
more willing to text. Texting "SOS" to 741741 is a way to text anonymously with a crisis counselor 24/7

What are in the data?

Most data on mental health and crisis are survey data collected after the fact. It’s people remembering. Data harvested from Crisis Text Line calls are people in their greatest moment of crisis.

Information from millions of texts since August 13, 2013 are tabulated to provide up-to-the-minute information on what people, 72% which are teens in crisis, are in crisis about. The Crisis Text Line organization has determined that there are 14 major topics that come up. Say someone texts that they were having suicidal thoughts. Over the course for the messaging time, the computer records which ones, if any of the remaining issue, came up in the conversation. This information can provide clinicians and family members with co-occurring issues that are happening in the texter's life which may have an impact on the primary concern.

I have charted information for these topics including the day of the week and the hour of the day by month of these texts and report previous month's data within a couple of days of the end of that month. Data for Oregon can be found here

These data aim to empower journalists, researchers, school administrators, parents and all citizens to understand the crises American's face so we can work together to prevent future crises from happening to reach our goal of Zero Attempts. Data is available for each state at