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Mental Health in America - Youth Ranking 2020 | Oregon Ranking
The State of Mental Health in America 2020 - MHA (56 page PDF)
50 Leading Causes of Death
Leading cause of death for 15-54 year-old Oregonians - Oregon leads all states
Oregon deaths by manner of death and county of residence: 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 for Jan-Sep, 2020
Suicide 1990-2020
Oregon 50 Leading Causes of Death by Age & Gender
Suicide is the leading cause of death for 15-54 year old Oregonians - more age categories that any other state.
Curry County leads all 36 counties in Oregon in suicides per capita.
Oregon leads the country in seniors who are hospitalized for opioned abuse 2015, dependence, overdose and adverse effects.
Oregon Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan Annual Report - 2019 (45 page PDF)
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2021 Team

It's official. Today, December 23, 2020, the Curry County Board of Commissioners filled the three open positions on the 9 member Curry County Suicide Awareness and Prevention Council. Here are the COuncil members for 2021::

Public Safety - Jordan White
Mental/Medical Health - Tara Modugno
Substance Abuse/Recovery - Beth Barker-Hidalgo
Youth Educator - Tim Wilson
Veteran Services - Connie Hunter
Tribal Community - Katrina Upton
Youth Ambassador - Emma Nicole Groski
Media - Kelly Schellong
Lay Person - Pat Piper
BOC Liason - Court Boice

If you know any of these people, thank them for volunteering to take point on one of the stakeholder task groups. Offer your emotional support, and if appropriate, offer to assistant them in gathering information, brain storming, project development, and implementation. After all, it takes a village to reverse suicidal ideation, so become part of the solution. See Letter to Council Applicants and Application Form


All of our meetings are public meetings where all citizens are welcome. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month starting at 5:30-7:30 pm. Video recordings of most mneeting appear on our Home Page at

Future meetings: (Notice: Until further notice, all meetings will be held through Video Conferencing. Click here for directions.)

Odd months: Curry Public Library, 94341 3rd St, Gold Beach
1/6/21, 3/3, 5/5, 7/7, 9/1, 11/3, 1/5/22

Even Months: Chetco Community Public Library, 405 Alder St, Brookings
2/3/21, 2/3, 4/7, 6/2, 8/4, 10/6, 12/1 and 2/1/22.

Application Letter

Suicide Awareness and Prevention Council Positions

We current have a full nine-peerson Council.This was a request asking qualified applicants to apply for a position on the new Curry County Suicide Awareness and Prevention Council

We originally were looking for 17 people who are currently involved with one of the 14 categories of Curry County stakeholder groups, to apply for a position on the Curry County Suicide Awareness and Prevention Council to share their intimate knowledge of how that group is impacted by suicide. Joining the others to determine what works, what can be done better and what areas still are problematic in preventing suicidal behaviors.


During September 2019's Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month, eight newspapers in Del Norte County, California and Coos Bay and Curry Counties in Oregon, ran a 16-page, four color magazine called Suicide Awareness and Prevention: Finding Hope.(see at This campaign inspired the Curry County Board of Commissioners to establish a Suicide Awareness and Prevention Council.

The Curry County Board of Commissioners passed Ordinance 19-12 which amends the Curry County Code to create a Suicide Awareness and Prevention Council. It was revised on December 16, 2020 to reduce the number of Council members from 17 to 9.members of agencies and societal segments that are impacted by, provide for and influence awareness, prevention and suicidal attempts.

The Council will be made up of one member from each of these groups: Public Safety (Law enforcement; First responder (EMT or fire), Juvenile Programming); Mental (social worker, therapist, counselor or peer support specialist trained in suicidality) and Medical Health (doctor, nurse, hospital board member, or community care organization member): Youth educator; Substance abuse/recovery person; Veterans programming or service; Tribal community member; Youth ambassador; someone from Media plus one lay person who is not actively involved in any of the above groups.

How to apply

The application form can be found at

1. Put an X in the "Other" box and write "Suicide Council" and note which position you are applying for.

2. Fill out the application. In providing information regarding your qualifications, it would be valuable to include your lived experience with suicide or the impact of someone's suicide or attempt.

3. Fax the signed application to 541-247-2718 or email to and copy to me at for back up. I'll hand carry it up to make sure it gets there.

4. If you know someone who would be ideal for one of those positions, please pass this information on to them.

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